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Tips and tricks for recording a video on your smartphone

Video marketing is a very effective way to promote your event and content can easily be recorded with most smartphones. For a very low cost (or free) you can create a meaningful video that can be used to promote your organisation or invite participants to your event. Here are some easy and effective tips for […]

End of year update – 2020

As December begins I am still so bewildered by the months that have preceded us. Before we start the annual hype up for the holiday season (albeit a bit more local this year) I reflect on the year and where we were this time last year. In 2019 we had run 17 major conferences and […]

Virtual conferences and event pricing

When you hear the term ‘online event’ it often conjures up an image of a free webinar where you struggle to pay attention to the sole presenter talking tediously about a subject that may or may not be relevant to you! To quote Trevor Gardiner, CEO of EventsAIR, “webinars are the junk food of the […]

Expert Events’ top ten audio visual tips and considerations for virtual events

TESTING Always ensure you do pre-event testing sessions with all presenters, chairpersons and moderators – checking audio, microphones, camera, system types and quality. DRESS REHERSAL Ask speakers to wear what they are going to wear to present in testing (including glasses), to provide the opportunity to change the angle and ensure the lighting is right. […]

Virtual event challenges and opportunities

When holding a virtual or hybrid event the following challenges are of important consideration during, pre and post-event: Technology There are many risks involved in relying on the technology being used to manage and run a virtual or hybrid event, including internet connectivity and bandwidth (for speakers, participants and organisers), and compatibility issues across the […]

An update from Expert Events – June 2020

It has been a stressful and uncertain time across the globe and particularly within our industry, but as we see hope returning and the new face of business events taking shape I wanted to personally reach out to you and provide an update. Whilst it’s been difficult navigating the challenges of running a business that […]

Glossary of online event terms

Our team has put together a short, quick reference glossary of terms relevant to virtual and hybrid events: Remote presentation This is where an offsite speaker/presenter streams their presentation to your onsite audience at a venue, such as a conference in Adelaide where speakers from Europe present remotely from their location. Web streaming Is a […]

Virtual and hybrid events – which format is best?

With the large numbers of people now working from home and practising social distancing – online learning, meeting and collaboration platform use is at a peak. But with so many options to choose from you may be wondering what is what when it comes to online events? Our team has compiled a brief summary of […]