Glossary of online event terms

Our team has put together a short, quick reference glossary of terms relevant to virtual and hybrid events:

  • Remote presentation
    This is where an offsite speaker/presenter streams their presentation to your onsite audience at a venue, such as a conference in Adelaide where speakers from Europe present remotely from their location.
  • Web streaming
    Is a one-way broadcast, live, or pre-recorded which allows your audience to connect to your event via an online digital platform from any location with an internet location.
  • Video conferencing
    Video conferencing is a two-way form of communication, providing connectivity from your meeting or event to multiple destinations, anywhere in the world with the ability to see and hear the other party, much like a face to face meeting, but online instead.
  • Web streaming with video conferencing
    Here you can provide connectivity to an offsite speaker or event via a two-way video conference and live broadcast the event online to an offsite audience, anywhere in the world.
  • Webinar
    An online seminar or other presentation that allows participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls. This is an online, interactive presentation or demonstration.
  • Hybrid event
    Is a traditional face-to-face event held at a physical venue, with an online component, such as sessions that are streamed allowing for live virtual attendance.
  • On demand streaming
    Presentations, live or pre-recorded, are made available via an online digital platform for on demand viewing post-event. Viewers can be provided with access free of charge, via a paid subscription or pay-per-view fee structure.
  • Virtual event
    A virtual event is an entire event held online rather than a physical location like a convention centre. This could be a small or large event such as a conference with speakers and presenters, networking and live interactive discussions, video sharing and text based chat.

Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Expert Events for advice on the best way to host an event, connect or present your information.