Virtual business

Are you looking for a way to hold a large event without the costs or restrictions of international travel, or have multiple delegates with competing time-frames?

Why not hold a virtual, or hybrid/blended event?

In addition to our traditional event management and association management services, Expert Events also has a range of technologically advanced systems for a complete virtual or hybrid/blended event (part face to face and part streamed presentations and sessions) via any computer or device with an internet connection.

In the wake of COVID-19, we still needed to run events and connect people, which we did very successfully. While most organisations have returned to in-person conferences now, if you still desire a completely online event, Expert Events facilitates and manages attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to meet in a secure online space to present, showcase, learn, discuss and connect.

Whether you wish to have a blended event or a completely online conference with thousands of attendees from anywhere in the world, your experienced, trusted Expert Events management team will be there throughout the entire process and event, just as if we were managing a conference for you in a traditional venue.

We have had great feedback from existing clients and delegates of virtual meetings and events run over the course of the pandemic.

In addition to tailored control of your event and managing the complete online attendee event journey, there are a number of great features on offer through a virtual event:

  • a timeline feature with an agenda of all activities that acts as a virtual program
  • a single log-in and seamless, secure user experience
  • virtual sessions and exhibitors
  • webinars featuring a single presenter or multiple panellists
  • live networking opportunities
  • one-on-one meeting requests with presenters or exhibitors
  • live broadcasting or pre-recorded sessions
  • live Q&A
  • live support and session moderators
  • scalable audience involvement through audio and video
  • pre-recorded on-demand videos for recurring announcements or safety messages
  • concurrent speakers and sessions just like at a physical event
  • facilitated or pre-set groups
  • online exhibitor portal with live ‘stands’ including brochures, bios, video files and instant video meetings and lead capture
  • ePosters – authors and speakers have a platform to present abstracts, whitepapers and ideas and interact with a set number of attendees
  • group chat between presenters
  • tailored control of your event.

The Expert Events team understands how important it is that your event is run with the highest level of professionalism. We will work closely with you to connect people and share knowledge from anywhere in the world.