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Conference Technology

Technology matters, particularly as conferences are all about information and imparting it to a diverse group of delegates. Expert Events engages the latest innovative technologies to maximise delegate interaction and distribution of educational messages, not just during the conference but afterwards.

Real time registration data and reports

Membership managementIn the lead-up to your conference, you can access whatever lists and reports you require at any time via the online database connectivity and your own personalised online information hub. Enjoy accurate, up-to-the-minute registration statistics so you always know how many delegates to cater for and how to proceed with your marketing activities.

Implement early bird special rates, harvest critical information at sign-up, segment registration by type or payment status and use the data to convert fence-sitters into confirmed attendees.

Don’t waste valuable opportunities to build your audience and serve them more efficiently. Talk to us today about our real time registration data and reports.

Conference apps

As an alternative to a traditional printed program book, information can be delivered via an app accessible by delegates, sponsors and other attendees via smart phone, tablet or laptop during the conference. The conference program can be accessed via the app, with direct links to speaker abstracts or profiles.

Conference apps allow you to create personalised schedules, check maps, answer surveys instantly and even pose questions to speakers via text during their presentations. Delegates can respond to polls, post on discussion boards and connect with others through social networking integration. Additionally, conference apps facilitate more sustainable events with less printing required. Digital material means last minute changes can be made live.

It’s never been easier to distribute information and engage an audience. Talk to us today and we’ll show you how!

Digital posters

Discover a new way to open up your event program! Digital posters remove the need for rows and rows of printed poster panels that take up valuable venue space, limit delegate interaction and restrict logical movement. Digital posters make it possible for delegates to rank or vote posters, leave feedback and request or leave contact details if they would like to interact with presenters further.

Digital posters lend themselves to so many innovative possibilities! Talk to us today for more information.

Session streaming (live or on-demand)

Spread your message farther and wider, to a far greater audience than you may have thought possible. Session streaming facilitates live or on-demand availability of your conference content to delegates who are unable to attend in person. Featuring multiple camera angles so that virtual delegates don’t miss any of the goings-on, live session streaming delivers exceptional value for those who are keen to participate but can’t attend due to geographical constraints. On-demand session streaming means you can make conference content available post-event for those unable to attend or to interested parties who were unaware of the conference at the time it was run.

With a fully integrated social media and social networking interface, session streaming provides delegates with enjoyable activities during session breaks. Meeting people, discussing content, reviewing event content and even connecting with other delegates, wherever in the world they may be, is all possible.

Publish video to your website or to a cloud-based distribution system that we can design, create and host for you. Any number of feeds can be streamed in addition to presentation media such as PowerPoint slides, video and web links.

You’ll even receive detailed reporting about delegate engagement and feedback that can help you analyse your event’s success and improve future events. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual delegates

When delegates are unable to attend your conference in person, Expert Events can create a secure portal from which they can access event content. Live video streams, presenters’ PowerPoint slides, abstracts or papers are all available without your delegates having to travel and be away from their home or office.

Thanks to seamless social media integration, virtual delegates can connect with their existing social networking accounts. Whilst connected, they can participate in live audience response systems, interact on targeted discussion boards and post questions and answers in searchable format. In fact, even delegates attending the event in person can participate in this way via any Internet-enabled laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Include countless more paid delegates and provide extra value to those attending in person! Contact us to discuss virtual delegates for your next event.

Website development

A website is often the first port of call for people interested in attending a conference. Expert Events can create a conference-specific website for your event and keep it updated as the program develops. The website can be fully integrated with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to engage followers before, during and after the conference.

Following your event, conference content and media can be made available for either paid or free download by delegates or those who were unable to attend. This will create a post-event revenue stream or provide further value to those interested in your content. The website can also be used as a marketing tool for future events by uploading written and video testimonials.

Contact us to learn more about creating an event-specific website for your next conference.


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